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Given the potential of Asia, its population and economic power there is no way to keep this door closed. Our network allows us to source opportunities and investors alike from this region.


Berlin is the undisputed start-up capital in Europe that offers phenomenal investment opportunities in technology ventures and disruptors of businesses. Many of the large savvy US Investors have in recent years pushed this door open to discover and invest in the German Capital.

As the financial capital of Europe, there is no way around London to keep a foot in the door especially when it comes to the private equity and hedge fund space.


As the financial capital of the world many doors open with the right network that often originates in New York and continues to produce talent and phenomenal opportunities across the alternative investment spectrum.




We are engaged to support sustainable fish farming across species to help grow healthy fish close to the consumer.

It is our aim to produce healthy, chemical-free and locally produced protein targeted for local consumption.


Thus, we are supporting local jobs,  a fully sustainable production, ESG compliance and also helping to reduce CO2 emissions by preserving the open waters.


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