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Sustainability. Food Security. Food Tech. AgTech.


Xandance & Partners is proud to be affiliated with Ospraie Management, LLC in New York to support its team in sourcing European investment opportunities in certain commodities industries with a particular focus on the AgTech sector. Ospraie is a leading investor in this field partnering with companies that enable farmers to do more with less. The focus and proven track record of Ospraie is to generate smarter, healthier and more efficient food for consumers globally. If you would like to learn more about Ospraie and it's strategy, please contact us.


With an increasing and necessary awareness for sustainable and locally produced food within our society, SwissShrimp has come up with a smart idea to counteract our current global environmental issues. SwissShrimp is the clear market leader for fresh, locally and sustainably farmed shrimps and fulfils several customer needs at once: better taste, significantly lower environmental impact, and guaranteed antibiotic-free produced.

Xandance is committed to land-based aquaculture and remains enthusiastic about advising potential investors in this domain.

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At Xandance & Partners, we are committed to supporting the future of food by investing in cultivated meat and fish. By promoting healthy lab-grown proteins, we contribute to scalable, local, and low-emission food solutions that are free from chemicals and antibiotics. We collaborate with several businesses in this innovative field to revolutionize the way we produce and consume food.


Additionally, we work closely with a select group of fund managers specializing in alternative proteins, forestry, aquaculture, and agricultural science and technology. Together, we strive to create a sustainable, green economy that benefits both people and the planet.

Given the potential of Asia, its population and economic power there is no way to keep this door closed. Our network allows us to source opportunitie aninvestors alike from this region.


Berlin is the undisputed start-up capital in Europe that offers phenomenal investment opportunities in technology ventures and disruptors of businesses. Many of the large savvy US Investors have in recent years pushed this door open to discover and invest in the German Capital.

As the financial capital of Europe, there is no way around London to keep a foot in the door especially when it comes to the private equity and hedge fund space.


As the financial capital of the world many doors open with the right network that often originates in New York and continues to produce talent and phenomenal opportunities across the alternative investment spectrum.




Xandance & Partners specializes in identifying and connecting with investment opportunities in sustainable land-based fish farming and alternative protein sources. Our focus encompasses land-based agriculture, forestry, and food security, contributing to a resilient and eco-friendly food system.


Our goal is to facilitate the growth of businesses that offer healthy, chemical-free protein while fostering local job creation and ESG compliance. By supporting companies that reduce CO2 emissions and preserve open waters, we play an active role in building a greener and more secure future for our planet.



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